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      veis Intelligent Equipment


      Rear Mounted Flatbed Mower

      The agromaster Flatbed Mower is a general purpose lawn mower. It is suitable for special places with relatively large areas such as airports and pastures. It has an ideal removal effect on various weeds such as soft grass, shrubs, tree roots, aquatic plants, alfalfa, and reeds.

      The mower's frame has a box-type construction on the front and rear, which makes it stronger. There are long skids and grass guides between each set of blades, which combined with the smoothness of the lower volume, can effectively prevent tilting and shoveling of turf, and can increase work performance and speed at the same time. The reputable double-sided, reusable blade set delivers exceptional cut quality, leaves the vegetation with excellent flatness after cutting, and excels in both. Especially the high quality and low price of rotary agromaster lawn mowers are more popular with consumers.


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