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      veis Intelligent Equipment


      Power Driven Harrow

      The primary cultivator is mounted on a tractor hydraulic lift and a universal three-point linkage system. Therefore, transportation to the site is easy. The power harrow has the characteristics of firm structure, powerful function, reliability, convenient use and wide range of models, which can meet various needs. Since their leaves can handle soil up to 28 cm deep vertically, tilling the land without turning it upside down, soil moisture is retained, forming a cornerstone. Thanks to the roller at the back of the machine, it exerts pressure on the soil and ensures that the soil is moist and heated. It provides the most ideal particle structure for water and air permeability in the soil. It provides the most suitable seed bed conditions for the germination and development of seeds, and increases the yield and economic value of plants after successful agricultural production. Different widths can be selected up to 4 meters, making work easier and higher productivity. Another piece of equipment can be connected to the PTO at the rear of the dedicated transmission via an optional hydraulic attachment, so that more than one job can be done at a time, saving time and fuel and reducing farm traffic. Any failures that may occur when the tractor or machine encounters rocks or tree roots due to the use of axles with safety systems in the machine.

      All machines are equipped with baler rollers (diameter 480 mm and diameter 560 mm)

      Cage roller models are also available. (500mm)


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